Documentary business

Efficient import and export requires timely response and speed, along with simple payment and transfer procedures.
Ensure all that for Yourself, under favourable conditions, by using the ProCredit Bank’s documentary business and guarantees services:

Documentary incasso

Documentary incasso is a documentary collection arrangement concluded among international trading parties whereby the exporter submits to the importer the commercial documents (such as invoices, transport documents, etc.) and/or financial documents (e.g. bills of exchange) through its bank (remitting bank).
The remitting bank sends documents to the bank for incasso that delivers them further to the importer for collection. Collection is executed either at sight or within the agreed tenor.

Incasso is a simple and efficient instrument as the relevant documents present evidence that the exporter has fulfilled its obligations (delivery of goods). On the other hand, the exporter is aware that the goods are in its possession until payment finalization or acceptance of the bill of exchange.


Letter of Credit (L/C)

A Letter of Credit (L/C) is an irrevocable obligation of the bank to effect payment to the letter of credit beneficiary (vendor-exporter) if the presented documents meet the letter of credit conditions.
Documentary letter of credit is the safest instrument in international payment operations that protects both the vendor (exporter) and the buyer (importer).

The vendor is sure to collect receivables if the documents have been submitted (in accordance with the letter of credit conditions).
Depending on whether they ensure prompt or deferred payment we distinguish:
  • Sight letters of credit
  • Deferred payment letters of credit



A Guarantee is a security instrument whereby the bank assumes irrevocable liability to pay to the guarantee beneficiary the amount to which the guarantee is made out if the debtor under the main contract should fail to fulfil or unduly fulfils its contractual obligations.
The ProCredit Bank offers the issue of all types of guarantees in the country and abroad through the network of its correspondent banks:

  • Guarantees for duly payment
  • Guarantees for advance payment refund
  • Guarantees for elimination of deficiencies within the guarantee validity term
  • Performance guarantees
  • Customs bonds
  • Guarantees for duly loan repayment
  • Bid bonds
Guarantees or letters of credit can be fully or partially covered and financed by a ProCredit Bank’s loan.

In addition to the above-mentioned instruments, we offer to You:
  • Issue of stand-by letters of credit
  • Issue of letters of intent
  • Bill guarantee
  • Registration of international credit operations