Payment cards

Our debit cards let you to make cash payments and withdraw funds up to the amount available in your current account in a simple and easy manner.
ProCredit Bank’s payment cards offer many benefits and advantages over cash payments:
  • Save time: you do not need to withdraw cash from the bank or from an ATM to make purchases
  • Easy to use: withdraw your funds, with no fee payment, from any ProCredit Bank ATM
  • Peace of mind: card usage is simple and secure
  • Safety: high level of protection for your funds in the event that you lose your card
  • Access: your funds are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Extra cards: you can authorise additional cards for family members
See the ProCredit Bank ATM network HERE.
If you open a RSD current account  at ProCredit Bank, you can choose from one of the following debit cards: