A partner bank to business

We are aware that Your initiative, commitment, market knowledge and willingness to take a step in the right direction is crucial for the success of Your business venture. Also, we know that the support from a partner bank is a significant linchpin to that end. We are here for You for that reason precisely.
The ProCredit Bank’s responsible approach and high level of professionalism is recognized by a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs in Serbia. That is accompanied by its proved trustworthiness, long experience and understanding of the specific characteristics of this sector.
All that makes the ProCredit Bank a partner bank to business. 
We strive to get to know all our clients and their unique needs for financial backing. Accordingly, an expert awaits You in the ProCredit Bank who is responsible exclusively for cooperation with You. You will thus be served by a dedicated Adviser who is well-acquainted with Your business, needs and potential, and who will therefore be able to offer You the optimal solution at all times.